TENNEY: Hello, all you lovely people! I’m Tenney – the freckled one in the header. 🙂

IVY: You mean the Blondie.

TENNEY: Ivy, please don’t say that. I really don’t like it.

IVY: Exactly.

EVA: Well, I’m Eva! I’m the one with the dark-brown braid and pinkish eyeliner. This is our blog, created by Enni and starring well…all of us.

TENNEY: Perhaps you’re curious about the name! Well, No Matter Where was the name of Enni’s very first photostory, and at the time that we’re writing this, it still isn’t posted yet. Enni was looking for the perfect name for a doll blog, and she decided that No Matter Where Photostories would be fitting. We think so too!

EVA: We will probably post more than just photostories, though – such as tutorials, DIYS, reviews and more. Basically, your stereotypical doll blog.

TENNEY: Enjoy, and come back for more soon!


Let the Conversation Begin!

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